THP E-learning (THPKnol)

THPKnol is an interactive learning through intranet that is available for self-paced learning, accessible from Post Harvest Lab network. The learning facilities included in the platform are softcopies to teaching materials, lab benchworks, quizes, and online assessments.

Registration For Trainer(s):

Please contact admins after registration to obtain trainer level of access.


Registration For Students:

First time registration is required as follow:

Firstname:  your student number (NIM)

Lastname: your fullname

Login ID: your student number (NIM)

Email: your valid email address

Passsword: must be at least 8 characters combining CAPITAL LETTER, number, and small letter.


REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD as this would be annoying to ask/reset your password everytime you lost it.

The admins are: Dr. Anton Rahmadi, Deny Sumarna, M.Si, Ms. Desy Nursayekti (THP11), Ms. Yuliadini Puspita (THP11), Nikmatul Khoiriyah (THP12), Rifa Farahdina (THP12), Hairun Nisyawati (THP12) and Ruth Naomi Purba (THP12). All of the admins are capable of resetting your password! But, try as much as possible to reduce their loads.  


Happy Learning!